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Hin Bus Depot

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Hin Bus Depot is managed by a small but passionate creative collective working together with the community to sustain the depot as a space which supports and showcases progressive and upcoming artists, artworks, events, and art forms of all kinds.

From F&B, art & craft retailers to artist workshops and studios, the community at Hin Bus Depot has a lot to offer. Drop by to engage with a variety of outlets and help the community move one step forward to nonprofit sustainability.  Most outlets are closed on Monday.

Hin Bus Depot is a creative community hub in George Town. Home to a gallery, arts & events spaces and creative business outlets, we are working towards a sustainable community and providing a platform for artistic execution.

Hin Bus Depot is located 1.2 kilometres away from our hotel. Hotel Charter services is available on request. Public transport is widely accessible. Do drop by Hin Bus Depot while enjoying your stay at The Gallivant Hotel.

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