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Hameediyah Restaurant

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Established since 1907. Penang's Oldest Nasi Kandar

Churning out delicious curries since 1907, using recipes passed down from previous generations. Only freshly ground herbs are used, at any times the restaurant serves around 35 types of curries apart from those made-to-order dishes on the menu. Beef rendang, chicken kaptian & ayam bayang are amongst the popular options.

The restaurant's memorable charming green and yellow wall tiles and facade have been carefully retained, while the heritage-laden nasi kandar carrier is proudly displayed.

Murtabak is one of the favorites here in George Town. Beef mixed into a couple of beaten eggs and flour pancakes, seared and cooked in ghee on a hot, large flat pan. The results is a meaty omelette comforting between soft and floury layers of perfection.

Check out Hameediyah Restaurant while your in town! Indulge with the varieties they have to offer!

Hameediyah Restaurant

Address: 164A Campbell Street, George Town

Operating hours: 1100 - 2300 daily

Hameediyah Restaurant is located just 2.0km from our hotel. Check them out while your in town! Savor a meal at your own pace before the queue takes over!

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